Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art File: Two Schoolgirls

Two Schoolgirls

Met # 06.1021.167

Terracotta kylix (drinking cup)

Greek, Attic, red-figure

Circa 460-450 BC

Attributed to the Painter of Bologna [417]

Interior: Two schoolgirls (shown)

Exterior: Women conversing

Met’s plaque:

“The representation in the tondo provides interesting evidence of the education of women in the mid-fifth century B.C. The girl on the left carries a pair of writing tablets and a stylus. Where she and her companion are going is not indicated. Although there apparently were some schools, those who could afford it were probably tutored at home. The girl with the tablets is obviously reluctant, but why we cannot know. The scene on the exterior may have some connection as the paraphernalia suspended in the background includes another set of tablets, torchholders, and an alabastron (perfume vase) in addition to wreaths and slippers.”

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  1. Hi, there. I would like to see this piece of art at the MET's website. Can you give me the link? I've been looking for it but I could not find it. Thanks a lot. Malvina