Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plans for Art Series

So I have this idea...

I plan on going to the Met Museum (NYC) Greek/Roman galleries once a week and taking 7 or more photos, with a theme in mind. Then each day that week I will do little write-ups on them, one piece each day. The write-up, in addition to ID information, may include one or more (or all) of the following:

1. Short description WITH photo (I'll do the best I can with the photo quality)
2. Historical context - what was happening at that place at that time
3. Mythology being depicted
4. Artistic analysis
5. Artist info (when known)
6. Artistic techniques
7. Key terms that may be important
8. Any museum plaque attached to it

If one theme has very few objects, I'll post them every other day instead. But my goal is to do one a day. I feel that art reveals many aspects of a society, and art from antiquity is no exception. So I'd really like to delve into each piece and discover how it relates to religion, historical events, societal norms, previous/later art, etc.

I will do the following themes, and I may add to this list later.
This list is not in any particular order...

1. Amazons
2. Centaurs
3. Bacchus/Dionysos
4. Symposium
5. Grave markers
6. Rhyton
7. Geometric
8. Corinthian
9. Women
10. Children
11. Domestic animals
12. Hunting
13. Pyxis
14. Kylix
15. Trojan War
16. Theater
17. Emperor
18. Venus/Aphrodite (in various poses)
19. Costume
20. Wall painting
21. Artistic/symbolic conventions
22. Slavery
23. Architecture in vase painting

Any other themes you'd like to see me cover? Let me know!

I'm going to the Met on Thursday and I'll start the first theme on Sunday!


  1. Love it. How about "costume," "status," "slavery," & something covering symbolic conventions.... ~ cjn212

  2. Great ideas! I esp. like costume (sort of like Greek women's clothing) and slavery. I can imagine a few art objects that include both for sure. Also I can see things for artistic conventions (like skin color = gender). Thank you! I will add a couple more things to the original post!

  3. Can I push the time period a bit and ask for Mithras? he's like totally on my mind these days!