Monday, March 16, 2009

First post.... what shall I say?

I figure I should probably start with a list of things this blog will be about:

1. snippets of Greek/Roman mythology - stories, deities, etc.
2. translated quotes from G/R literature and philosophy
3. G/R art (yes!) - photos, analysis, etc.
4. recent news regarding the ancient world
5. exhibits and museum collections

Anything else you'd like me to add?
It's nice having a list of things to do each day, so I'm not sitting here with a blank blog screen.


  1. Well, here's hoping you make a serious go at it. Too many people start a blog with the best of intentions and quickly lose interest. There's not enough G/R out there!! Break a leg!!

  2. Thanks! I'm planning on going to the Met once a week (I'm a 45 min train-ride away) and take photos so I can do a "Classical Art of the Day" type of thing to keep myself at it.

  3. ^__^ I'm also in Morristown, BTW.

  4. Really! Cool stuff! :) We should get together sometime and discuss GR fun stuff!